LEGENDS OF CHIMA is a stop motion adaptation by Cabin Boi 24 of the original series made by Lego Group, of which followed a different story within the same theme of Season One of the original series. However, it introduces different elements in the over all plot line and contains more mature and explicit content than that of the original series.

Here is the plot line and summary:

Lions harvest power crystals known as CHI and hold them in their Temple. Crocodiles seek to kill the Lions, take the CHI, and dominate the Kingdom of CHIMA. Other Clans choose sides. The Gorillas and Eagles join the Lions, forming up the Loyalist party. The Wolves join the Crocodiles, making up the Mutiny. Civil War rages on....

Season One: Civil War Edit Edit

Episode One: The Rise of Civil War Edit

Laval, the Prince of Lions and Heir to the Throne has reached the Age of Becoming, a time in life in which one must experience the Power of the CHI. Laval has become one with the CHI. Meanwhile, Lord Ragar, the Dark Lord of Crocodiles, seeks to kill the Lions to the brink of extinction, and make the Crocodile Clan be the new rulers of CHIMA, and reign his darkness upon the land. He leads an attack on the Lion Temple, sparking a civil war. Laval must be trained by his father, King Lagravis, the King of CHIMA to be a general....

Episode Two: Negotiations Between Clans Edit

The Civil War has been established and started. All of the Clans in CHIMA hear of the War that has started between the Lion Clan and the Crocodile Clan. The Gorillas and Eagles join the Lions. These Clans are the Loyalists. The Crocodiles have control over the Wolves, forcing them to join their side, with their Clans composing the Mutiny.

The sides have been chosen.

Episode Three: A Line of Defense in the Jungle Edit

Word spreads of which Clans choose sides. The Gorillas are pacifists and prefer negotiation over combat, but they understand that in times of war, they must fight in the war if they want peace, and to get peace, they must win the war. Lord Ragar decides to "warm up" the Wolves by assigning the first assault mission to them rather than using his own forces. However, he picks one of his own Crocodile Generals to lead an assault on the Gorilla Jungle to get them to join the Mutiny, as they do not know of the Gorillas joining the Mutiny. General Crug of the Crocodile Clan leads the Wolves to the Gorilla Jungle to lead a campaign for the Mutiny. The Gorillas set up an ambush to defend their forest. A battle rages on with the Gorillas winning, and the death of General Crug. However, one of the Gorillas, Anahu, seeks revenge despite their clean, swift, complete victory.

Episode Four: Revenge Edit

Anahu seeks revenge from Lord Ragar for attacking their home. He goes to pay a visit to the Crocodile Swamp but gets captured by the Crocodile's Swamp Patrol and presented to Lord Ragar. Gorzan, the leader of the Gorilla Clan, knows of what happened and runs to save his friend. Lord Ragar sets up an ultimatum for Gorzan. Either he gives up his land for the Crocodiles to control or Anauh will be publically decapitated in front of the entire Crocodile Clan.

Gorzan then sacrifices his land to save his friend.

Episode Five: Liberation Edit

The Lions hear of what the Crocodiles have done. The Crocodile Clan has total control of the Gorilla Jungle and sets up forts and military camps around it. Lord Ragar has chosen to lead this conquest himself as he does not like any of his Generals, his Admirals, his Commanders, his Captains, or Colonels. He does not trust them.

Laval is ready to lead a battle, and leads the 60th Legion of Lion Elite Soldiers to the Gorilla Jungle to liberate their Clan free from the evil clutches of the Crocodile Clan.

After the battle is over, Laval is in a sword fight with Lord Ragar, who then escapes back to the Crocodile Swamp. The Lions have won the battle and the Gorillas have been freed!

Episode Six: Corruption within the Mutiny Edit

Rumor spreads of the death of Lord Ragar. Some believe it and others remain uncertain. The Wolves see this as an advantage to free themselves from the Crocodiles. Winzar, the Alpha of the Wolf Clan assigns his son, Worriz, to lead the Wolves to Crocodile Swamp and enact an insurrection from within the Mutiny. A battle rages on in the swamp, and the Wolves win until Xagar, the Swamp Creature, kills all of the remaining Wolves except Worriz. The two stand off in a fight and eventually a chase in the swamp until their vehicles crash into a tree and they continue the duel until Xagar wins. The Wolves have been tamed into staying with the mutiny. Worriz, unlike the rest of the Wolf Clan, hates the Lions with pride and Xagar seeks revenge as he knew the rumor of Laval killing Lord Ragar. Xagar and Worriz team up and plot to assassinate Laval.

Episode Seven: Assassins Edit

NOTE: This episode is two plot lines crossed over into one episode as both stories separate are not full of content enough to make as individual episodes, so this is basically two episodes in one.

Rogon, the Chief of Rhinos and Mightiest Warlord in CHIMA, wishes to add his Clan to the Loyalist Party. There is a negotiation between Rogon and Lagravis about the Civil War. The Rhino Clan is then added to the Loyalist Party.

Xagar and Worriz plan out the assassination of Prince Laval. Worriz tells Xagar about the CHI. Xagar now seeks the CHI and thus, the plan is that Worriz will heist some of the CHI while Xagar assassinates Laval for revenge.

They arrive the Lion Temple in Crocodile Speed Cars. They then sneak by, avoiding being seen by the guards. Xagar then kills the guards and sneaks into the temple to find a way in. Worriz stays at the gateway and waits for the gate to open. A Lion Guard approaches and he resorts to skinning one of the dead Lion Soldiers and going inside its' body to disguise as a Lion. Eventually, Lieutenant Lavertus sees the Crocodile Cars and sends out some Lion Scouts to check them for any possible stowaways. Worriz uses this as an opportunity to get into the temple. Xagar and Worriz meet up and search for Laval in the shadows, unseen by the Lions. Xagar finds Laval at last and shoots but misses. The Lion Temple then shuts down into Emergency Mode. A battle rages on in the temple. Lieutenant Lavertus fights Worriz in the Temple while Laval fights Xagar outside the Temple. Both of the Mutiny villains are defeated, but Worriz escapes while Xagar is sentenced to prison. Worriz is an outlaw, wanted dead or alive for an extreme reward.

Episode Eight: Bounty Edit

Worriz is wanted throughout the land. Razar the bounty hunter is interested in hunting down the criminal and goes on a journey throughout the majestic lands of CHIMA and meets many clans. He first tries to consult the Wolf Clan, as he thinks that is the most likely hideout for Worriz. He instead is speaking with Winzar, the Alpha of Wolf Clan and father of Worriz. The two then end up fighting each other. Razar wins, but he is merciful and lets Winzar live. He flies off to Gorilla Jungle. There, he speaks with Gorzan and a conversation goes on. Razar then leaves and talks to the Rhinos. His last place is the Crocodile Swamp, which is where Worriz has to be at. Worriz is hiding a stash of stolen CHI Crystals in a cave and blocking the entrance so no one can steal the CHI. He stays there, guarding the entrance.

Razar finds Worriz and engages in a fight. Razar defeats Worriz and presents him to Lagravis, alive. He then takes his reward and is given a bonus to keep the CHI Crystals that Worriz stole.

Episode Nine: Prison Break Edit

The Mutiny has no significant leaders that can command the Crocodiles and Wolves to attack the Lions. However, one of the Crocodiles, General Crawley, rises up and makes a move. He then leads the Mutiny to commence terrorist attacks on the Lion Temple and to launch a daring prison break to free Worriz and Xagar. Winzar, the Alpha of the Wolf pack fights Laval and Lavertus to distract them and give his son (Worriz) to escape. Winzar wins the fight and escapes. Laval is angered and seeks revenge, to kill Crawley and end the war.

Episode Ten: Antihero Edit

Laval is angered at his defeat during the attack on the Lion Temple. He seeks to have revenge and have justice on the Mutiny. His intentions are to kill General Crawley in order to end the war. Lagravis warns his son that his ideas may lead to the Mutiny attacking the Loyalists once again, and CHIMA may fall into the hands of the Crocodiles. Laval understands, but he still wishes to continue with his plan of revenge. Lagravis lets his son go, as an opportunity to learn. Meanwhile, the newly established High Council of the Mutiny discusses their plot of conquest and what Clans are on which side. Laval goes to the swamp alone and fights the entire Mutiny and eventually is in a duel with Crawley. He then kills Crawley, crippling the Mutiny once again.

Episode Eleven: Teamwork Edit

Worriz decides to lead the Mutiny Army to attack Gorilla Jungle out of revenge for the events that took place earlier in the Civil War. However, the Gorillas are not prepared for the war and did not expect the assault to happen so soon. The Mutiny has the upper hand. Gorzan leaves Grotak and Anahu in charge to command their forces and protect their forest home while Gorzan would leave to the Lion Temple to request Lion Clan Reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Rogon and his wife, Rhina, hear word of the war effort so far and immediately head for the Gorilla Jungle to help the Gorilla Clan in their time of need. The Rhino Team work together to fight the Mutiny Menace! The two fight Worriz and win. Worriz escapes the forest, leaving his troopers to keep fighting, lose, and die. The Loyalist Party wins once again.

Episode Twelve: Shadow of Darkness Edit

Tensions rise in CHIMA. Because of the attack on the Gorilla Jungle, an abandoned subject is brought up about the death of Lord Ragar. Razar is then hired to go to Gorilla Jungle and make sure that Lord Ragar is dead. He fights the remaining Mutiny soldiers that refuge in the jungle from the recent battle. Eventually, he enters the same cave that Laval fought Lord Ragar in. To his surprise, he sees Lord Ragar in the flesh, alive. He attacks Razar, and a showdown goes on in the cave. Razar is defeated, and flies away, escaping for his life. Apparently, Ragar was hiding in the cave, living there and cowering from the war. He then returns to the swamp, presenting himself as a survivor and explaining to his army about what really happened.

Episode Thirteen: The Ultimate Battle for CHIMA Edit

The Mutiny is back to full power as Lord Ragar has returned. The battles of CHIMA continue to rage on, but the Mutiny gains more balance in the war than the Loyalists. It is indeed a dark time in CHIMA. Battles happen everywhere. Wolves fight Rhinos and Eagles. Crocodiles fight Gorillas. The Mutiny keeps on winning. The Loyalist Clans seek help from the Monarchy. Lagravis decides his son, Laval, should lead the 60th Legion of Elite Lion Soldiers to Crocodile Swamp to assault the enemy back. Ragar deploys the Crocodiles and Wolves to attack the Lion Temple, with Worriz in command. But he keeps some of them in the Swamp to defend the territory. A battle rages on once the Lions invade their Swamp. The soldiers of both sides are wiped out, but Laval and Ragar remain standing.

Episode Fourteen: Showdown Edit

Laval and Lord Ragar remain standing after the battle at Crocodile Swamp. Lord Ragar sets up many attacks at Laval, leading to their sword fight. Ragar drops his sword and escapes.... Laval then pursues him and the fight continues. Laval cuts off Ragar's right hand and breaks his mask, revealing his face. He realizes that his true enemy was once his friend, Cragger. Laval is able to redeem his lost friend. Laval and Cragger head back to the Temple, where the battle still rages on, and tries to stop the fighting. They fail, but a new hero rises to end the battle: The Legend Beasts! All of the Clans are redeemed, and the Civil War is over. The Loyalist Clans and the Mutiny Clans unite as the United Republic of Chima! Peace is restored at last.

After the series Edit

The series was well received by fans of the original series as well as fans of the channel Cabin Boi 24.

After the great success of this fan made series, Cabin Boi 24 went on to make movie and video game rankings and reviews, which failed to the point that he had to discontinue the review series as it was smashed with dislikes, hate, not enough views/likes/comments, and other negative factors. It was also cancelled due to other reasons that involved time.

Behind the scenes Edit

There have been no behind the scenes or other special features of the series. However, he does mention what techniques he used. The frame rate of the stop motion was 14 frames per second. He used the app Stop Motion Studio to make the scenes, and Video Show for processing and editing, visual effects, sound, adding in music, and other fine edits. He also uses Blue and Red lights for visual effect enhancers in the stop motion. (Mainly for when characters activate their powers with CHI, for example) Blue being the Loyalists (Protagonists) and Red for Mutiny (Antagonists)

Fandom Edit

General Storm, a fan of LOC as well as a fan of Cabin Boi 24 showcased one of the villains of the series in a favorite villains compilation.

Sequel and Video Game ideas Edit

Cabin Boi 24, who has recently been renamed to Mammoth Supremacy 55, has ideas of a Season Two to be aired in June 2019. He also has ideas of a video game for PlayStation, PC, Sega DreamCast, and Game Boy Color based on the events of the first season he created. The game play ideas are similar to what was show cased on the demo of the cancelled Titan A.E. video game.